Waterside Retirement Lodge

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Making an Outstanding Difference in the Lives of Others

Waterside Retirement Lodge Honors 2 Residents for Making An Outstanding Difference in the Lives of Others

Waterside Retirement Lodge- Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Jarlette Health Services recognizes a senior at each of their Retirement Lodges and Long Term Care Homes for making an outstanding difference in the lives of others.

Waterside Retirement Lodge, Wasaga Beach, could not recognize only one Resident for 2017; as they could not choose one over the other, as they are like 2 peas in a pod.  You would see them walk hand in hand down the hall, now Jean says that is hard now to do, because we have to use our walkers.

Jean and Colin Keen, have been active in their life before choosing to make Waterside their home.  They loved to garden, play scrabble, knit, to dance, church groups, and of course enjoying their family.  Now that they live at Waterside since 2015, they continue to be active in many activities like; shuffleboard, church, gardening, entertainment, and most importantly delivering the newsletter and calendar to each Resident at the end of each month.  They also are a big part of welcoming new Residents to the lodge; they especially pay close attention to the new couples that move in, since they are still happily married and want to help them feel like they are part of the Waterside Family.

Their family is also a big part of the Waterside family with ensuring they come together to decorate their door for each season, and also with each new litter of dachshunds from Keen’s Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds, they come for snuggles and smiles by Residents and Staff.  They also arranged for the Barrie Kennel Club to come for a show of dogs in summer.

Thank you Colin and Jean for bringing a smile every day to fellow Residents, Volunteers, Staff and Family at Waterside Retirement Lodge.



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