Leacock Care Centre

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Making A BIG Splash

Leacock Care Centre Hosts First-Ever Summer Splash Event!

Leacock Care Centre - Orillia, ON.

On August 23rd Leacock Care Centre hosted our first Summer Splash event which included a slippery slide. YES I said it and YES we did it. Thanks to an idea that was seen on a variety of social media from a LTC home in OHIO (WOULD NEED TO CONFIRM) we recreated our own event to celebrate summer and to allow our residents to be more adventurous. Between the activity and restorative staff we set up a variety of games and things for our residents to do but they only had interest in our slippery slide. With the inner tubes blown up and water on the large plastic slide the Leacock Managers and staff used muscle power to bring the residents down in an inner tube. Even those requiring full lifts were not excluded. Some staff selected a particular resident to go down the slide with and others went down with family members. This event held a lot of laughs and even brought a few people who happened to be across the street over to check out all this excitement. Thanks to everyone who made the day special.


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