Alexander Place

(905) 689-2662 - 329 Parkside Drive Waterdown, Ontario

Make a Wish

Resident, Colleen K, enjoyed an evening out for dinner and a movie.

Alexander Place- Waterdown, Ontario

Colleen K, really wanted a night out to enjoy dinner and movie, something she hasn't been able to do in a long time. After speaking to one of our staff members, Sandy K, she filled out an application and got the ball rolling for Colleen. Colleen really wanted to have a night out with Sandy and her daughter as Sandy has helped her through some tough times and had developed a friendship over the years. Colleen, Sandy, Jacqueline and a few other staff headed out on June 2nd for their night out! Colleen says "it was an awesome night" and she enjoyed a maple bacon caesar salad at Shoeless Joe's and a good laugh watching Life of the Party. Colleen is thankful she got out and had a chance to enjoy herself.

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