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MADA Month 2020

Alexander Place Celebrates "Making A Difference Awards" (MADA) Month With Fun-Filled Festivities

Alexander Place Long Term Care Home - Waterdown, ON.

Each year, Jarlette Health Services proudly hosts the annual Making A Difference Awards as a way to recognize a Resident from each of its Long Term Care Homes and Retirement Lodges for the outstanding contributions they have not only made over the course of their life but also within their respective Resident community. In tandem with these heartfelt celebrations, each of the organization's 21 Homes and Lodges across the province also nominate a Team Member who exemplifies our core values of care, compassion, respect, proactive accountability and responsibility for the prestigious Roberta Jarlette Making A Difference Award. The nominations are then reviewed by a panel of esteemed Jarlette Health Services Team Members and affiliates and one winner is selected and recognized at our annual Jarlette Educations Days event. While both our Residents and Team Members would have been recognized at three large-scale congregate events across Ontario, current circumstances have encouraged us to think creatively to ensure that these important celebrations continue to take place. This year, we are proud to share with you our newly-minted MADA Month, which runs from October 1st - 31st. Every weekday over the course of the month (save for Thanksgiving Monday), each of our Homes and Lodges will host their own unique MADA celebration and will come together to acknowledge the outstanding difference that both Residents and Team Members have made. Today, we are excited to share with you photos from our event, along with a bio outlining the unparalleled achievements and positive impact they have had on our Home.

Making A Difference Award Recipient: Martin "Marty" V

We are pleased to nominate Martin Venne for the 2020 Making A Difference Award. Martin,who likes to be called “Marty” was born in 1940 in Emo, Ontario and around the age of 15 year sold he moved to Timmins, Ontario. This is where Marty met his wife Josie and together they have now been married for 57 years. They eventually moved to Hamilton where they started their family consisting of three children and Marty’s passion for automobiles. In 1980, Marty started and owned his own automotive shop called “Marty’s Mobile.” He went to night school to get his Auto Mechanic License and this led to a successfully run automotive business for over 25 years (1980-2007).Shortly after retiring, in January of 2010 Marty began his volunteer journey at Alexander Place. Marty assisted in the activities department by helping to set up and run the programs. He developed many positive relationships with the residents and staff and was a committed and dedicated volunteer until November of 2017.During this time, Marty was also volunteering for Red Cross where he assisted in driving people to and from their appointments, assisting with the meals on wheels program and other tasks that were asked of him. He did this from 2009-2015.Due to personal health issues, Marty took a break from his volunteer roles at the end of 2017 to focus on his well-being. A couple years later and Marty joined Alexander Place in February of 2019 as a resident. This has been a positive impact not only on Marty to be living in a familiar place where he made an outstanding difference but also for Alexander Place to have permanently gained his generous presence. It didn’t take Marty long to transition and he almost immediately jumped right back into his volunteer role and is now one of our wonderful Resident Volunteers.Each month Marty will go around the home and distribute our Monthly Newsletters to the residents who enjoy reading this and staying up to date with what’s going on in the home. Marty will also not hesitate to socialize with many residents on his unit and around the home to engage with them and keep them company. To this date, Marty has donated over 700 hours of his time to Alexander Place and is still very much passionate about volunteering. We feel that Martin is a perfect candidate to receive this year’s Making A Difference Award.

Roberta Jarlette Making A Difference Nominee: Karen M

Karen came to Alexander Place working with one of our residents some time ago, and began working with AP as a Personal Support Worker in July 2018. It was a great pleasure to welcome Karen on board, with her great positivity and teamwork.Since then, Karen has made home area 2 stronger with her team work, and is always on board with new theme days, events, and new ideas. She is extremely resident-centred, and takes the time to make each resident feel valued and cared for. She has developed a unique bond with individual residents and encourages them to get involved in the life of the home, the programs and fosters friendship. For Halloween, Karen joins the team in dressing up to make the day fun. Residents and staff both love seeing her bright multi-coloured costume! These are unprecedented times, and during the pandemic, holidays can be difficult when loved ones are not able to celebrate with residents. For Easter, Karen brought Easter Crackers for all the everyone to enjoy in the dining room to the delight of the residents. It was a great surprise and brightened everyone’s day. Karen truly lives the Jarlette values and continues to make an outstanding difference in the lives of others. Thank you Karen for all you do for us!


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