Royal Rose Place

(289) 480-0400 - 635 Prince Charles Drive Welland, Ontario

Little Roses Nursery

A Tender Touch To Royal Rose Place

Royal Rose Place Long Term Care Home - Welland, ON.

With soft and relaxing sounds of classic nursery rhymes, our residents are welcomed to our Little Roses Nursery located on our Dalhousie Unit. The room immediately brightens the mood of our residents as the bright yellow and wallpaper-like patterns on the walls bring them back to the time that they had young children of their own. The bassinets and prams have beautiful baby dolls inside them, all snuggled up in a blanket ready to be loved. Many residents with a form of Dementia receive positive benefits from interacting with baby dolls as at times they believe they are holding a “real live” baby. However, even residents who do not have Dementia enjoy holding the dolls as it takes them back. The Little Roses Nursery provides our residents with many tasks that they may have completed in their own children's nursery. Some of the activities include doll therapy, bottle assembly, soother matching, folding baby clothes and bibs, matching socks, nursery rhymes/traditional baby books, blankets to swaddle the babies and more. The most popular program in the nursery is the “Tea Time” reminiscing activity. Our staff members brew a pot of coffee or steep a pot of tea to share with our residents. This room is not only for mothers, it can also be for any resident that was a mother, father or anyone who played a role in a child's life growing up. We have conversation cards that allow our Residents to talk about their past experiences and share stories with one another.


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