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Last Pool Party of the Summer!

Pool Party!  This was a program that was initiated by Program Manager Brenda Lucier. Everyone at Meadow Park knows that Brenda Lucier loves summer! She wanted to share her enthusiasm for the season by hosting her own pool party complete with pools (obviously!), drinks, music, and of course FUN! 

“It was so cool to see the residents be able to dangle their feet in the pools. The laughter and smiles made the program awesome!”-Brenda Lucier, Programs Manager

The party was reminiscent of a party Brenda threw years ago which required guests to “BYOP” (bring your own pool!).  There were approximately 32 pools at the party and it was a blast!  Brenda and the programs staff certainly did a great job in re-creating the fun energy at Meadow Park’s first ever pool party.

The front patio was decorated in bright decorations and there were 4 pools for residents to dangle their toes in and the weather was perfect!

Residents enjoyed drinks with umbrellas, games, music by the Beach Boys and an opportunity to have their photo taken at a little “photo booth” area with props like beach balls, towels, drinks, sunglasses, hats and pool squirters.

"The pool party was a lot of fun! You girls put a lot of work into the party and I hope we do it again next summer!”-Shirley (Resident)



Bring Your Own Pool Party!
Pool Party Kisses
Lounging in the Sunshine!
Party Ring Toss!
Pool Party Beverages in the Sun!
Pool Party Squirt!
Our Students Helped to Make it Happen!


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