Elizabeth Centre

(705) 897-7695 - 2100 Main St. Val Caron, Ontario

L'Horizon and Elizabeth Centre...Partners in Change!

L'Horizon presents a Cheque to Elizabeth Centre in Val Caron Ontario.

Elizabeth Centre-Val Caron Ontario

When this project was first underway, Trisha Petryna (Volunteer Coordinator) had no idea that the outcome would be so grand!

L’Horizon Students and Staff presented a cheque to Yvon Lepine (resident) and Trisha Petryna (Volunteer Coordinator) from Elizabeth Centre on Monday December 18th in the amount of $ 1989.80.

Through their partnership, they were able to reach an all time record of selling all (and beyond) the L’Horizon expected tickets for the annual Spaghetti Dinner. In doing so, Elizabeth Centre and The ALS Society were presented with a cheque in the amount of $4365.45.

L’Horizon students and staff, Trisha and Yvon were speechless with the grand total.

A HUGE thank you to the students and Staff at L’Horizon for their generous donation.

A HUGE Thank You to Yvon and Trisha for all their efforts.

This Christmas Blessing could not been granted without all those who supported the cause!

Thanks to everyone involved and Merry Christmas!



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