Meadow Park London

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Introducing The Sensory Rover

Meadow Park London Introduces Sensory Rover To Engage And Relax Residents And Family Members.

Meadow Park London Long Term Care Home - London, ON.

Meadow Park London is thrilled to recently have introduced a Sensory Rover into their Home. Affording their Residents the opportunity to immerse themselves in a rich and relaxing interactive experience, Recreation Staff have incorporated the Rover into programs such as manicures, friendly visits, lounge programs, hand massages, and much more. The Team has found that Residents feel an increased sense of relaxation when it is near, and families find it peaceful while they hold their loved one's hand. Another positive discovery the Rover has presented to the Team is its effectiveness with Residents who suffer from "sun downing." Staff have been taught how to use the Rover to "meet a Residents at their level," and relax them if they are exhibiting responsive behaviors. We are so proud of the success that the Team at Meadow Park has been able to achieve and we look forward to sharing more news regarding the Rover!


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