Manitoulin Lodge

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Helping Hands At Manitoulin Lodge 

DementiAbility and Montessori Principles In Action!

Manitoulin Lodge- Gore Bay, Long Term Care

At Manitoulin Lodge the staff and residents have been busy embracing the DementiAbility programming and montessori principles! Residents at our home have found new meaning by lending a helping hand in our home.The photos below showcase some of the awesome work that residents at our home are doing to contribute to our teamwork environment.

Below you will see Jimmy. Jimmy fulfills many wonderful roles at our home. Some of his jobs include: helping to prepare admission pacakges for new resident moving into the home, helping with preparing the mail out for the monthly newsletters and handing out mail to residents who reside in the home. He also does a fabulous job of keeping on top of the shredding.  

Pictured below you will also see Helen. Helen is more than familiar with how the laundry room should be organized at Manitoulin Lodge. Helen worked at Manitoulin Lodge in the laundry and housekeeping department for many years. Helen is now a resident in our home and she helps in the laundry room on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Caroline is another busy body in our home! Caroline helps fold the aprons for the residents to use during meal service and she also puts out the salt and pepper shakers to make sure that each resident has the opportunity to add a little extra flavour to their meal! Caroline also does an excellent job of ensuring that a comforting and attractive centre piece is on each table during the Holidays.


Lastly, Penny can be seen in a photo below. Penny brings a smile to the faces of our staff and residents with her wonderful sense of humour. She also enjoys keeping busy with various painting projects. Penny is very generous and has kindly donated many of her paintings to be hung up at our home's montessori station. She has also brightened the faces of others by giving away some of her paintings upon completion. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank our residents for lending a helping hand at Manitoulin Lodge. Together you help create an excellent team work environment at the lodge and you truly make an oustanding difference in the lives of others! THANK YOU!

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