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Hat's Off to Dr. Seuss's Birthday

Roberta Place in Conjunction with St. Nicholas Grade 2 Class Celebrated Dr. Seuss's Birthday.

Roberta Place Long Term Care- Barrie, Ontario

What a better way to celebrate than to read!  Dr. Seuss was alive & well at Roberta Place.  Even though he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in the pages of his books.  Roberta Place residents & chidlren alike enjoyed his "Cat in the Hat."  This best known children's author came to life, as we made a "mess with the cat in the hat."

The children & residents were transformed into their own "Cat's in the Hat's" with tall hats; creation of "Thing 1 & Thing 2" painted art work, & opportunities to dress up & have their photo's taken.

"We truly love Dr. Seuss, in a house.  We truly love him with a mouse.  We truly love him, here or there.  We truly love him anywhere.  We truly love the silly goose.  We truly love Dr. Seuss."



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