Roberta Place

(705) 733-3231 - 503 Essa Rd. Barrie, Ontario

Growing Connections, Friendships & Flowers.

On Tuesday, June 1st, & Throughout the Month of June, Residents of Roberta Place are planting flowers, herbs & smiles!

Roberta Place Long Term Care - Barrie, Ontario

At any age, gardening is one of the best activities, we can do outdoors. It stimulates all of our senses, awakening a keen connection with nature. On June 1st, residents of Roberta Place began the process of tidying up our flowers beds, after a long winters stay. We planted fresh flowers & a variety of aromatic herbs to stimulate the senses.

Residents, will continue to work together over the summer months to tend to our gardens, creating their own clubs, and inherent benefits.


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