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Giddy Up Ponies 

Residents enjoyed pet therapy with a variety of animals provided by Giddy Up Ponies.

Meadow Park Care Centre- London, Ontario

An exciting day was had by all at Meadow Park Long Term Care Home.  The Giddy Up Ponies came for a visit and brought with them a variety of animals for the residents to pet.  The intention of the event was to promote reminiscing for some residents who had had farms in their past.  Several residents shared stories of their family farms and how they tended to the animals.  The other goal of the event was to promote animal therapy.  Animal or pet therapy is a broad term that includes animal- assisted therapy and other animal assisted activities.  Animal- assisted therapy is a growing field that uses a variety of animal, mainly known for dogs and cats, to help people recover from health conditions.

 It has been known to help with

·         Greater social engagement with individuals talking more, participating more in activities and smiling more

·         Stress relief and distraction from pain

·         Comfort and calming

·         Improved self-confidence and esteem.

On a more general principle it is to provide comfort and enjoyment for our residents.  The event was a success and will come again in the fall in 2018.

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