Temiskaming Lodge

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Former Resident Returns To Temiskaming Lodge To Give Back To The Community

Marty Auger Proudly Takes On Volunteer Position After An Outstanding Personal Experience At Temiskaming Lodge.

Temiskaming Lodge Long Term Care Home - Haileybury, Ontario

Great things are happening at Temiskaming Lodge, and our former Resident, Marty Auger is a perfect example of the strength, support and passion that comes from being surrounded by a group of staff and Residents who are committed to making an outstanding difference in the lives of others. Having moved out of Temiskaming Lodge in March of 2018, Marty was well enough to start the next chapter of his personal journey at a local Retirement Home. While we were undoubtedly sad to see him go, we couldn't be more touched by the heartfelt message we he left us with. To add to Marty's incredible success story, we were thrilled to learn that he has recently applied to return to Temiskaming Lodge as a Volunteer! Marty is champion of the local community, and embodies what it means to give back. Thank you Marty for your dedication to our Lodge!

Marty's Testimonial

"Hello, my name is Marty Auger and I have been a resident at the Lodge for 8 months. When I first came here, I could not walk and was bed ridden. I had lost over 40lbs and had no appetite. Sometimes I could not fully grasp what was going on. Six months later at an evaluation meeting with Doctor Don and several members of the staff I was told I had made an amazing recovery (the word miraculous was also used). The question was: How did I achieve such a surprising recovery? The answer is simple, staff dedication, staff’s prompt and loving care, staff’s expertise and most of all I became part of the Lodge family, and we never let family down. I will always have a very special place in my heart for the wonderful members of the Temiskaming Lodge staff. I must also mention that as I conversed and helped on projects with a 14-year-old volunteer and a 16-year-old part time kitchen staff member, I was very impressed by their professional outlook and that’s why I feel the future holds a lot of promise for Temiskaming Lodge and its residents"

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