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Five Days of Fun

Staff participate in fun activities before the holidays

Manitoulin Lodge- Gore Bay, Ontario

"A healthy attitude is contagious, but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier." ~Tom Stoppard

It's important to work hard, but also important to have fun while at work. Better attitudes impact everyone around us: coworkers, residents, and visitors. With this philosophy in mind, the wellness committee planned five days of fun activities leading up to the holidays. The staff were involved in different competitions daily, with a chance to win a prize, a box full of wrapped presents, ranging from gift cards to candies. 

December 18th, staff wore their ugliest Christmas outfit. The residents loved seeing us in our red and green, mismatched outfits. A vote was held and we had a clear winner.

December 19th, the competition was for the best decorated Christmas hat. Staff paraded around the lounge to show off their decorated hats to the residents. We all decided it was too hard to declare a winner, so everyone won that day!

December 20th, we divided into two teams and had a decorating contest. One manager and one PSW were decorated and judging was done by the residents on the best decorated person.

December 21st, staff got to show off their creativity with a cookie decorating contest. A winner and a runner up were chosen by the residents and visitors. 

To wrap up the last day, December 22nd, staff brought in appetizers to share, wore red and green and drew a name for the winner of the prize. The best part of the whole week was on Friday afternoon as staff members, residents and visitors gathered together to sing Christmas Carols. 

Staff wellness is so very important!


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