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February Go-Getter Award

Recognizing June Pope For Her Outstanding Mobility Progress.

Avalon Care Centre Long Term Care Home - Orangeville, Ontario

Avalon Care Centre is thrilled to announce their February Go-Getter Award recipient! The Go-Getter award is presented monthly to a Resident who participates regularly in Restorative Care and Physiotherapy programs.

Recipients of this award aremotivated, have a positive attitude and work towards specific goals to improve their overall physical and functional abilities. The Go-Getter award for the month of February goes to June Pope!

June has lived at the #Avalon for a few months. Before moving in, she spent a lot of time in the hospital, and required a wheelchair for all of her mobility needs. Since moving in, June has pushed herself to get her strength back each and every day. June participates in walking programs with The Restorative Care Team and PSW Staff on her way to meals, and has joined the Restorative Care exercise program, which she attends every single day.

June has painful knees but that doesn’t hold her back! She is always doing the best she can and with all of her hard work, is now able to walk all distances with her 4 wheeled walker, and no longer needs her wheelchair. Congratulations June!

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