Roberta Place

(705) 733-3231 - 503 Essa Rd. Barrie, Ontario

Family Visits

The Walker Family plan weekend visits with our residents to bring a special kind of kid joy.

Roberta Place LTC- Barrie, Ontario

Residents at Roberta Place enjoy the visits of the Walker Family on a regular basis.  Mom, Stephanie and children Markus and Linden visit Roberta Place to brighten the days of our residents.

The children have virtually grown up in front of our eyes as they started visiting when Markus was three and Linden only 18 months old.

Markus prefers to visit one on one with his friends – he often brings a favourite book to read and the residents really love this.  Not only do the residents enjoy helping Markus with his reading skills it brings back wonderful memories of doing the same with their own children and grandchildren.

Lynden, on the other hand is a social butterfly who likes nothing better than to flit about visiting anyone with a smile, serving imaginary tea and treats and sometimes offering an impromptu dance.

Life is so much better when the children visit!


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