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Don't Break the Chain of Hand Hygiene

Manitoulin Lodge - Gore Bay

Infection Prevention week is big news at long term care homes across Ontario every year. All of the staff, family members and visitors want to make sure the residents in the home stay safe and healthy and free from infection.

This year, at Manitoulin Lodge, our focus was on hand hygiene and our slogan was “Don’t Break the Chain of Hand Hygiene”. Throughout October, the managers collected ‘hand prints’ from every resident, family member, staff and visitor to Manitoulin Lodge and then strung them together to see how long our chain could reach. We traced people’s hands onto coloured construction paper, cut them out and linked them end to end. We wrote the name of the person on one hand and whether they were a resident, staff member or family member on the other.

The campaign was effective in raising awareness (or at least reminding people to wash their hands) for a few different reasons.

First, we posted the ‘chain’ at the front entrance, so everyone could see it who entered the home. It was very visible and stood out because we used brightly coloured materials. We had people ask us “what’s this about?” Also, when we asked people if we could ‘have their hands’ to trace them, they would naturally ask why and then we would start a conversation about what we were attempting to do and discuss how hand washing is the single most important and effective way to prevent the spread of infection and germs.

By Kathleen Fenton

Hand Hygiene - Don't Break the Chain
Hand Hygiene - Don't Break the Chain
Hand Hygiene - Don't Break the Chain
Hand Hygiene - Don't Break the Chain


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