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DementiAbility Spotlight: Mrs. Georgina Severinsky

More Than Just A Chore

Royal Rose Place - Welland, Ontario

Royal Rose Place is excited to introduce our DementiAbility Spotlight award.  This award will be presented monthly to a resident, staff or volunteer who embraces the DementiAbility way.  DementiAbility Methods: The Montessori Way, was founded by Gail Elliot, and advocates to  “create an environment where people living with dementia can achieve success and have the opportunity to live each day with meaning and purpose” (www.dementiability.com).   We at Royal Rose Place put our residents’ interests and abilities first through the use of DementiAbility.  Throughout our home, we have staged activities based on our residents’ interests and abilities and have break-out activities in our common areas, the Men’s Shed, Resident Laundry and our newest space - Little Roses Nursery.  In addition, our Life Enrichment department also leads programs that replicate household duties such as potato and carrot peeling, baking, cutlery rolling, and watering plants.  Through the use of DementiAbility, we are able to provide our residents with social roles that allow them to continue to foster their independence and nurture their sense of belonging.

Our April 2018 DementiAbility Spotlight shines brightly on Mrs. Georgina Severinsky.  Georgina moved into Royal Rose Place in July 2016 and fully embraced DementiAbility from the moment she moved in.  Georgina was born in Croatia in 1931, was married for over 60 years to the love of her life John and is a mother of two.  Georgina enjoyed travelling, dancing and being a member of the Croatian Hall, however, Georgina’s true passion was caring for her children and maintaining a loving home.  She continues to live with this passion and has made Royal Rose Place a happier and cleaner place!  Georgina enjoys engaging in our household activities such as sweeping the dining room and more often than not, is found tidying up our common areas.  Last summer, Georgina tended to our gardens in the courtyard and enjoyed weeding and watering our flowers.  Also, whenever Georgina sees a basket full of clean towels on the activity tables, she will joyfully walk up to the pile and begin to fold.  She is the true definition of happiness and is often heard humming a sweet melody to herself -  she never seizes to place a smile on others faces.

Congratulations Georgina & thank you for making a difference at Royal Rose Place.


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