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December Go-Getter Award

Monthly Award Shines Brightly On John Simmonds.

Avalon Care Centre - Orangeville, Ontario

Avalon Care Centre is once again thrilled to present their monthly Go-Getter Award! The Go-Getter Award is presented to a Resident who participates regularly in Restorative Care and Physiotherapy programs. Recipients of this Award are motivated, have a positive attitude, and work towards specific goals to improve their overall physical and functional abilities. This month, the award shines brightly on John Simmonds. John has always been enthusiastic and is always looking for different exercise classes to attend. Johnís positive attitude towards these classes not only makes the experience fun for everybody involved, but motivates other Residents to find the joy in physical activity. John is always helpful when it comes to the setup and cleanup of the classes, and can often be found escorting his fellow Residents to and from the classroom. Johnís commitment to his classes, the way in which he encourages and helps other Residents, and his desire to always lend a helping hand, never goes unnoticed. John is a valuable part of our Avalon Home and we want to take this opportunity to wish him a well-deserved Congratulations.

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