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D-Day Tribute 2015

Remembering Loved Ones at Meadow Park Chatham

Meadow Park held its second annual tribute to D-Day. Last year staff, residents and family paid tribute to the 70th Anniversary of D-Day and realized they had just done something really special and memorable. It was decided the event would become an annual tribute and this year the feelings and emotions were the same.  

The D-Day tribute is a time for residents to come together and remember loved ones who fought for our country and in some cases came back to their families but in so many other instances did not. Compared to the home’s annual Remembrance Day service, the D-Day tribute is a much more casual program where residents are encouraged and welcome to share stories and talk while sitting around having Tim Horton’s coffee and donuts.

It is amazing to see the results unfold. Residents begin talking to one another and open up about their stories about   loved ones lost in the war. Resident Albert May shared his story about being on the beaches of Normandy.

Albert May was a boy of 19 years in the Canadian Navy. The day before D-Day, Albert and his shipmates landed on the beaches of Normandy and swept the beaches for mines. Albert was on the beach and witnessed the allied forces storming the beaches on D-Day. He watched as countless allied troops were gunned down before they even made it to the beach. For his bravery on that day, Albert received medals from the Canadian government.

“For many who participated today there were tears. It was touching to watch and be a part of this program.            Residents shared stories and comforted each other as they remembered.” – Lydia Swant RFSC

Residents watched three tribute videos and took part in a floral tribute – laying flowers beside our memorial wreath. Stories were shared and resident’s raised their cup of Canadian Tim Horton’s coffee in memory of those who served our country. 

Resident Marilyn said this, “Thank-you for doing this for us – it was wonderful to be a part of and take time to remember.”


D-Day Memorial-Memories in the Shadow

Second World War (WWII) - 70th Anniversary Tribute of D-Day

D-Day Tribute 2015
D-Day Tribute 2015
D-Day Tribute 2015
D-Day Tribute 2015


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