Roberta Place

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D Day Remembered

D Day Veteran's Remembered & Honored

Roberta Place - Barrie, Ontario

On the morning of June 6th, 1944 Canadians awoke to the voice of their Prime Minister on the Radio. "At half past three o'clock this morning, the government received official word that the invasion of western Europe had begun," Prime Minister Mackenzie King announced. 74 Years ago, residents heard these words that will live in minds forever.

Canadian & allied soldiers from all parts of the world fraught for freedom on this day. They came by sea, by air, & by land. Residents who fought directly & indirectly for this battle were honored by City of Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman, & Member of Parliament John Brassard.

Residents Veteran's Frederick Andrews; Grace Emery; Mona Smith; & William "Ray" Wild received thanks. Each resident humbly thanked the guests for the visit, acknowledging, "we did what we needed to," & "thanks for remembering."


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