Waterside Retirement Lodge

(705) 429-8626 - 239 Zoo Park Rd Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Cuisine Flare

Waterside Retirement Lodge is lucky to have some of the best chefs around!

Waterside Retirement LodgeWasaga Beach, Ontario

Chef Jessica, Nicole and Bryon, have created some amazing tantalizing dishes.  Residents look forward to each new dish as they prepare them with love and attention. 

From nightly dinners, to themed events, to catering for the Residents, not a single touch is missed on each masterpiece they present.  Recreation Coordinator Christie M, ensures each themed event is followed up with a mouthwatering cocktail to complement each cuisine flair.  Some of the signature drinks have been; Jack Frost Nipping at your Nose, Waterside on the Rocks, and on those hot afternoons Residents can been found relaxing and sipping on a long island ice tea.  Of course, each signature drink can be recreated in nonalcoholic.  Some have commented, that ‘they couldn’t tell the difference.’

Residents cannot wait to see what they have under their chef’s hat for 2018.  If you have not tasted the chef’s cooking, you don’t know what you have been missing.

Making a Difference in the Lives of Residents at Waterside Retirement Lodge.


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