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Cooking Up a Storm

Resident Prepare Their Own Breakfast - and It's a Hit!

Temiskaming Lodge - Haileybury Long-Term Care

Is it a winter storm coming?  No…it is a cooking storm!  As soon as anyone walked through Temiskaming Lodge’s doors, their noses carried them to the small kitchen where the residents were enjoying a nice meal. Once a month, the activity department has a special breakfast and activity lunch. During these programs, the residents help to prepare, cook and clean up after the meal.

George, Rod and Joan were busy in the kitchen this morning, January 28th. They were up bright and early to help prepare a delicious breakfast for a small group of residents. George fried the eggs, Rod cooked the sausages and Joan helped with the toast and cutting the tomatoes. Therapeutic cooking is great for the residents. The smells are wonderful and it allows the residents to practice their skills independently.  The residents who attended said the meal was very good and their plates were empty in no time! It is great to see that our resident get so involved in our activity programs. Way to go ladies and gents!

George and Rod - Eggs and Sausage!
Joan and Tomatoes! Special Breakfast


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