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Convalescent Care Program Makes An Oustanding Difference In The Lives Of Others!

Helping Seniors Return To The Community

Manitoulin Lodge- Gore Bay, Long Term Care

In April 2013, Jarlette Health Services applied for and was awarded 2 convalescent care program beds. These beds are used for people who do not need hospital care, but cannot return home prior to a period of convalescence to regain full functional independent status and return back to the community. 

When Jean Brandow of Gore Bay had hip surgery done in Toronto on May 8th, 2015 she knew she would require intensive rehabilitation in order to return home. After applying for our convalescent program, Jean was admitted on May 27th, 2015.  It was during her stay, that Jean experienced the many benefits that the convalescent program at Manitoulin Lodge offers.

After receiving an assessment from the in house Physiotherapist, the restorative team, Jean and her daughter began to work towards creating a plan that consisted of short term and long term goals that were reflective of Jean’s individual needs. Jean’s long term goal was to return to her full level of functioning prior to receiving her hip fracture.

When Jean was first admitted, she was only able to transfer with assistance of one staff and a walker to get in and out of her wheelchair. She had poor range of motion to her right hip. Jean started with an individual one to one programming with our restorative staff and she attended the group fun and fitness programming 2-3 times a week.

By June 25th, 2015 Jean had shown great progress and she began to reap the rewards of her commitment and dedication to her rehabilitation goals. At that time, Jean began using a 4 wheeled walker to walk short distances. She was walking 30 feet with the restorative team and began using the nustep exercise machine.

By July 14th, 2015 Jean was walking 180 feet at one time and only a couple weeks later Jean went home for a visit. Jean did very well during this visit, but still struggled with the three steps that she had to climb to get into the house. From that point forward, the restorative team worked with Jean on strengthening and practicing going up and down stairs.

With a positive attitude and hard work Jean successfully discharged from the convalescent program at Manitoulin Lodge on August 7th, 2015 and returned home.  When asked about her experience in the convalescent program at Manitoulin Lodge, Jean stated, “I thoroughly enjoyed the rehab program. The meals were great too!”

Jean also recalled the fun times she had attending the live music that was offered throughout the week during her stay. Jean also highlighted the ways in which the staff made her stay a positive one when she stated, “people were lovely, the staff were all good to me.”

Jean’s daughter Ann also explained that she had a positive experience as a family member and was impressed with the compassion and excellent care that her mother received during her time in the program.  Jean did not stop there; however. With her vibrant energy and zest for life,

Jean recognized the importance of continuing to exercise in order to maintain her strength upon returning to the community. Once the winter months were over, Jean began to come to Manitoulin Lodge throughout the week with her daughter to use the nustep exercise bike. The bike was kindly donated by the local auxiliary and is available to be used by community members. Jean’s daughter Ann explained that being able to continue to exercise with the nustep has “benefited her big time.”

Jean’s experience in our convalescent program truly speaks to the outstanding difference that it can make in the lives of others. We provide a great setting and accommodations as well as the support and encouragement to get you back to your optimum health. Contact us today if you have any questions about our program - we are happy to help!





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