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Remembrance Day 2016

Community Remembers Our Veterans

Meadow Park - Long-Term Care, London

November 10, 2016 - Children from a nearby day care dropped into Meadow Park to personally deliver handmade wreaths to the resident Veterans. Colin Bell, a Veteran, collected the wreaths and placed them on the home's Remembrance Day Display board, located in the main lobby. The children were able to see their meaningful artwork displayed for all to see.

The children were too shy to say anything but their day care leader Tonia said, "The children were very excited to share their Remembrance Wreaths and to simply say thank you. We also want to say thank you to the staff at Meadow park for allowing us to share with you and in helping us Remember."

The importance of remembering the volunteer contributions and service that many have made for our freedom is passed on to a new generation of visitors at Meadow Park. Lest We Forget

Remembering Our Veterans
Remembering Our Veterans
Remembering Our Veterans


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