Temiskaming Lodge

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Ceremonial Powwow Takes Place At Temiskaming Lodge

Residents Partake In Traditional Timiskaming First Nation Experience.

Temiskaming Lodge - Haileybury, Ontario

Having a Powwow at the Temiskaming Lodge was suggested at one of our goal planning meetings and this is where the adventure began! Sarah Davis, Resident and Family Services Coordinator with the Temiskaming Lodge, had worked closely with Marilyn Chevrier-Wills in the past and contacted her to see if we could have Timiskaming First Nations come to Haileybury. Marilyn (or Grandma Marilyn, as many refer to her as) was excited about the idea of coming to the Lodge to perform and educate our seniors, families and staff, and she began to get in touch with some of her drummers and dancers.

We wanted to get our community involved, as well as other local Homes in the area that might be interested. We created a poster to invite members of the community to the event. Extendicare was willing to donate to the event and was excited for their residents to come join in the fun! The Northdale Manor was also invited to the event and posted the information about the Powwow on their activity board. Community Living Temiskaming South was also willing to donate a tent and karaoke machine for the event, and also brought some of the individuals they support to the Powwow. Many individuals got up and danced to the beat of the drum with the jingle and hoop dancers. Also, the Earlton Lions Club, Temiskaming Child Care, and our Restorative Care Coordinator at the Lodge also donated tents for the events. The programs department, as well as maintenance department, worked very hard to ensure we had the tents up, décor up, a cultural basket was on display, and tables and chairs were available for the event.

During the event we offered guests a water bottle and Popsicle, as a refreshing treat! Volunteers as well as activity staff passed around the refreshments. The Powwow was held from 2 – 4 PM on July 17th, 2018. We had over one hundred guests attend the event! We even had neighbors in the surrounding area coming to join in the festivities. Timiskaming First Nation Elders, dancers, drummers, and singers all did an amazing job performing. Some families and residents expressed that they had never experienced a Powwow previously and were thrilled with our event. The speaker/drummer was excellent at providing education about his culture, while also adding in some humour. As a thank you, strawberries were passed around to each person in attendance.

Overall, the Powwow was a huge success! The feedback we have received has been nothing but positive remarks from all, including our community partners, families, residents and staff members. The Extendicare, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Denise Robert said to the Temiskaming Lodge Administrator, Francine Gosselin, as she was leaving, “We're in for next year...this was great!” The Lodge also had staff members come in on their time off to attend the Powwow with the residents they assist and support each day. We truly have an amazing staff, that are dedicated, caring, and enthusiastic in their roles to support the residents living within Temiskaming Lodge. We will continue to provide cultural services within the Temiskaming Lodge by hosting small group, drum circles with our Behaviour Support Ontario, Judy Chambers and our Administrator, Francine Gosselin is also taking a Cultural course to be better able to support our residents with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We are honored and thrilled to have hosted this beautiful Powwow, and hope to host another in the future.


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