Meadow Park London

(519) 686-0484 - 1210 Southdale Road East London, Ontario

Caught In The Act Of Caring

Staff Use Their Special Talents To Make An Outstanding Difference In The Lives Of Residents.

Meadow Park London Long Term Care Home - London, Ontario

Above and beyond the outstanding work that our dedicated team of staff does within the Home, many go the extra mile in sharing some of their individual passions with our Residents. From the creativity of nail art and manicures, to spending time in the garden, or tackling challenging puzzles, our staff are always keen to share their favorite activities and talents with our Residents in an effort to get them involved and make each and every day special and memorable. We are so grateful we have the opportunity to "catch" these acts of caring on a regular basis, and we look forward to sharing new experiences with our Residents in future.


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