Waterside Retirement Lodge

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Bunnies, and Chicks and Lambs OH MY!!!

Rounds Ranch has been part of “Making an Outstanding Difference in the Lives of Others” at Waterside Retirement Lodge, Wasaga Beach, Ontario for 3 years. 

Waterside Retirement Lodge- Wasaga Beach, Ontario

In 2017, they went one step further, on top of loaning bunnies for the 3rd year, they also loaned baby chicks, and their bottle fed lamb Flower to visit Waterside Retirement Lodge in Wasaga Beach for the day.
Recreation Coordinator, Christie Murchison stops to visit Geri, Owner of Rounds Ranch, Elmvale, Ontario to collect the babies of the week and their food.  Loaded on the front seat safely, the babies go for a road trip to visit the seniors and staff.
Christie says, she is not sure who enjoyed the visits more, the Residents or the Staff.  The baby animals have brought smiles and memories to all Residents.  Comments were heard like I don’t think I have ever seen a lamb this close, aren’t they cute, how to do you pick up a lamb, and can I keep them.
Flower a bottled fed lamb got to frolic in the courtyard with the seniors while  they planted in their new raised flower beds built by the Wasaga Woodworkers, and soil donated by Home Hardware of Wasaga Beach.
Upon returning Flower the lamb to Rounds Ranch, Christie commented that she felt like she was chasing a toddler around all afternoon.  Flower kept trying to steal the newspaper from one of the Residents, and wanted to taste everything, and walked and followed Christie around when she wanted to.  The funniest part of the day was watching Christie trying to put a diaper on Flower (Residents ensured that Flower had a hole for her tail), before she could visit the Residents inside the lodge.
Thanks to Rounds Ranch of Elmvale for all the smiles and laughter each of the animals brought.


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