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Better Seniors' Care

John Vanthof MPP of Temiskaming and Cochrane

Temiskaming Lodge - Haileybury, Long-Term Care

On Tuesday January 24th, 2017, John Vanthof, the local MPP visited Temiskaming Lodge to hear about the 2017 Better Seniors' Care Campaign in partnership with the Ontario Long-Term Care Association.


He toured Temiskaming Lodge and visited with some of our residents. A presentation was given to him and the residents to promote Better Seniors Care. This year, the Better Seniors Care campaign is focused on three priorities.

The first priority is to rebuild and modernize older long-term care homes. The second priority is to give seniors outside of urban centers equal access to services. For our area, this refers to having the right number of bed licenses to move forward with renewal projects. Priority three consists of adopting a more predictable funding approach and enhancing support for specialized resources. This includes having an in-house behavior support specialist to assist with resident that have responsive behaviors.

Mr. Vanthof was very happy for the information and will work hard to promote Better Seniors Care for our residents. Join us March 16th, 2017 at 2:00 pm, we will be hosting a Better Seniors Care event that will be opened to the public and Mr. Vanthof will also be in attendance. 

Better Seniors Care w/John Vanthof MPP
Better Seniors Care w/John Vanthof MPP


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