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Better Seniors' Care Comes To An End

Meadow Park Chatham Celebrates Their Creative Efforts In 2019 Advocacy Campaign.

Meadow Park Chatham Long Term Care Home - Chatham, ON.

The entire Team at Meadow Park Chatham would like to extend great thanks to the many individuals who helped our Home submit 2,883 letters to local MPP's advocating on behalf of Ontario's elderly through the Ontario Long Term Care Association's (OLTCA) Better Seniors' Care Campaign. Without the help of Residents, staff, family members, community partners and concerned citizens, we could not have achieved these outstanding results.

Each year, Jarlette Health Services as an organization sets out to make an outstanding difference in both the lives of its Residents and staff, but also the Long Term Care sector as a whole. With wait lists for senior care rising at a steady rate of 15% each year, it is paramount that we do our part to effectively reach our government and amplify our commitment to our province’s aging demographic. In addition to our organization's participation in OLTCA's annual campaign, we also host an internal themed contest to help encourage participation and foster friendly competition among Homes. This year, Jarlette Health Services unveiled "The Race To The Stanley Cup," and launched the Jarlette Hockey League! For 5 months, Meadow Park Chatham was thrilled to face-off against other Homes as the famed Philadelphia Flyers. The Home had a lot of fun with the theme and introduced hockey-focused fun into many of their activities and programs, including a shoot-out with a local Kent Minor Hockey Team (The Cobras), and the creation of a promotional video to garner support and excitement for our efforts, it was truly an honor and privilege to engage Residents and staff in these creative endeavours.

Meadow Park Chatham will continue to do its very best to promote the priorities of Long Term Care Residents in our Home, and those across Ontario. Congratulations to all of the Jarlette Hockey League teams! Meadow Park Chatham is proud to walk among such dedicated and passionate individuals!


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