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The Armchair Travel Club

DSW Student shares experiences from his home Kerala, India

It’s not often residents from Meadow Park Chatham, a small farming community in Southern Ontario, have had the opportunity to travel to distant countries such as India, but this past March 27, 2014 DSW (Developmental Service Worker) placement student Arun Paul brought India to Chatham.

Arun Paul has been on a college placement at the 100 bed long-term care home since January of this year.  He has been assisting the programs department with day-to-day programming and doing a great job!  Paul (which is the name he prefers to be addressed by) came to Canada in September of 2012.  He began studies at St. Clair College in the DSW program which was an adjustment.  Paul’s background in India is nursing.  He worked as a Registered Nurse for 3 years in a Cardiac Catheterization Lab in India.  With his love for learning the English language and trying new things he was encouraged by his family to travel and study abroad.

While working alongside Paul, Meadow Park program staff, Brenda Lucier and Joanne Jones, have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about Paul and his life back in Kerala.  “He’s been teaching us new words and telling us stories about his friends, family and home.”  While sharing all these great stories Paul decided it would be an excellent idea to translate his love for sharing stories into his placement project.  He could then share more of his life and vast culture with the residents he works with everyday.

Paul worked very hard to put together a one hour presentation about his home country.  He shared photographs of popular tourist locations like the Taj Mahol but also talked about his home city of Kerala.  Residents, staff and family members gathered together to listen to Paul’s stories and ask questions about India’s culture.  From exotic fruits, exports, climate, animals and clothing Paul took his audience on a tour of India.  One resident in particular stated at the end of the program, “That was just amazing!  I know I will never get to travel to India but I feel like I’ve been there now!”

Program Director Joanne Jones states, “We try to take advantage of sharing the stories of the people we meet in our student programs.  This is the second opportunity we’ve had to share another cultural perspective.  The first time we ran the armchair travel program was with another student who lived in Australia for a year.”  Joanne states the goal of the Armchair Travel Club is to highlight countries throughout the world and bring a little bit of that culture to our residents.




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