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A Visit from Furry Friends

Residents enjoyed an afternoon with Animal Ambassadors

Meadow Park- London, Ontario

Meadow Park hosted the Animal Ambassadors on Wednesday, May 30th in the afternoon. The Animal Ambassadors is an organization filled with extremely passionate and caring team members. With over 25+ years of combined experience, Animal Ambassadors has partnered with one of Canada's largest animal rescues.

One of their team members founded Canada's largest Animal Therapy program and has brought that experience and passion to Animal Ambassadors. They love to spread education and happiness through interesting, entertaining and informative presentations.

In their presentation the residents were able to see and hold a Ferret, rabbit, gecko, snake, guinea pig and lastly a sugar glider squirrel. Resident enjoyed hearing about each animal and how they came to the Ambassadors.

The most interesting faces were shown when the snake came out. After the speaker explained that they were safe residents opened up to touching it. There was a lot of discussion about how it felt and some were brave and held it in their hands.

A great afternoon was had by all. We hope to have more animals this fall.

*Animal Ambassadors is a division of Little Rays Nature Centres. Little Ray's Nature Centres are partners with the OSPCA in the care of and homing of seized exotic animals and reptiles from across Canada.


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