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A Trip To The East Coast

Better Late Than Never Wish Comes True Newfie Style!

Southampton Care Centre - Southampton, ON.

Southampton Care Centre recently took a trip to the East Coast to make another "Better Late Than Never" wish come true! Hosting an authentic Newfy Kitchen Party for Deb Kent, the spirited event was absolutely wonderful and included a host of traditional music, jokes, the kissing of the cod and a screech-in toast! In addition to all the wonderful festivities, Southampton's new ship, The SS. Islander came ashore with Deb's Sister and Brother-In-Law from Kincardine, as well as some of her Cousins! Deb and her family all originally hailed from Bell Island Newfoundland and while Deb assisted in planning the party, she did not know her special guests would be in attendance. Deb was absolutely thrilled with the entire experience and was presented with a picture of Bell Island and a plaque of Newfoundland sentiments to remind her of home. The day finished off with a traditional JIGGS Dinner and when asked what her favourite part of the day was, Deb replied "everybody laughin' and havin' fun. It reminded me so much of home! I have not seen my two Cousins since I was about 15. We all moved and our paths just never seemed to cross. This is a wish come true all on its own!"


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