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A Tribute to a Veteran

Today is Remembrance Day and Lest We Forget those who fought for our freedom. One resident at Meadow Park in Chatham adorned his medals from the Canadian Government and proudly told his story of World War 2.

Staff came to listen and learn from his experiences in the war. A moment that was treasured as these stories are too often lost in these modern times. “I’m honoured to hear Albert’s story.  It gives me goose bumps to think of what he lived through and what he saw that day on the beach” – staff member Bonnie Hamilton – Housekeeping Department

Albert May was a boy of 19 years in the Canadian Navy. The day before D-Day, Albert and his shipmates landed on the beaches of Normandy and swept the beaches for mines. Albert was on the beach and witnessed the allied forces storming the beaches on D-Day.  He watched as countless allied troops were gunned down before they even made it to the beach.

For his bravery on that day, Albert received medals from the Canadian government.

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