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A Passion for Music & Art

Incorporating the Arts in Long-Term Care Programming

Meadow Park Long Term Care- Chatham, Ontario


For over a decade, retired Kindergarten teacher Anne Crowe, has been assisting the Chatham long-term care home

to provide residents an opportunity to be creative through artistic and musical programming. Anne can only be

described as an individual with a gentle spirit and a passion for music, art, and long-term care residents. For over 10

years she has been coming to Meadow Park Chatham to provide residents with a chance to express themselves

through water-colour painting and her music and movement program called, "Move-Mental Dance".  


Each week Anne comes to the home and runs one of the two programs with a small group of 6-8 residents on a

rotating basis.  During the art program each resident is provided with a small canvas that has a general outline of a

scene or object. Anne works with each resident individually to blend colours and complete their artistic vision.  There

is room at the table for any level of artist and each resident is able to display their piece of art in the cafe if they

wish.  Move-Mental Dance incorporates various genres of music and rhythm.  Anne leads the residents, who are

gathered in a circle, moving to the music while at the same time helping to build their confidence through positive

reaffirmations and reassuring facial expressions.  Anne's ability to bring out the artistic side of each resident is

amazing to witness. 

Program Directors, Joanne Jones and Brenda Lucier say farewell to Anne Crowe (center) who has been providing an Art & Music program for over a decade.


Residents participate in the Art with Anne program with retired teacher Anne Crowe (photo 2008).

In December Meadow Park Chatham wished Anne farewell as she moves into retirement to spend more time with her

grandchildren.  We wish to thank her for her years of dedication and providing our residents with a quality program

that is truly inspiring.  Art and music are wonderful ways for people to express themselves when finding the words can

be difficult.  

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