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A Letter of Thanks

Exceptional Long Term Care

Meadow Park - Chatham

To everyone at Meadow Park,
If there is anyone who has to place a loved one or who has to decide it is wise to no longer live alone, then please consider Meadow Park Chatham. My Family's journey began almost a year ago and we had to wait in line, as you do, for a bed to be available. Once my father was there he realized that his life was not over, it was just taking on another chapter. There were people to talk to, like his room-mate Art and his wife Bernice. He was an active "people guy" prior to his illness. My sisters Linda and Karen get that from him. The staff was there to take care of him medically and physically. John was so good for so long. When his condition had taken a wrong turn (as far as we were concerned it was too soon for us) we saw how well he was taken care of.  
It didn't stop us of course from coming in ourselves. One of us was there every day, if not more towards the end of his illness. Of course as time went on we saw that the staff were more like family to him! The staff mentioned to us that, "they hadn't seen a family who were as close and who had come in as often as we had." And we also realized that most of these staff had crossed over from staff to family with him (our Dad). His face lit up most of the time when they came in the room or heard a familiar voice like he was grateful for the pain meds but he hated the needle. Those smiles and those kisses on the top of his head, they made us feel like he couldn't have had any better care if he was at home!
Then there was the last couple of weeks of his stay at Meadow Park. From the kitchen to the housekeeping there wasn't anything the staff wouldn't do! Everyone seemed to go above and beyond their duties. Of course the icing on the cake was Linda Marchand the volunteer (she didn't even have to be but she was always there). She should be the Meadow Park Ambassador. She even donated a picture of Jesus to the Palliative Room when she saw how much our faith meant to us. The staff became as close to us as they had to my father and for that we will always be grateful.  As for the term "staff" it should be replaced with the word "angel" because as I said before "The place is full of them!" 
The Family of John Anderson

Written By: Darlene Benson - Eldest Daughter of John Anderson

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