Waterside Retirement Lodge

(705) 429-8626 - 239 Zoo Park Rd Wasaga Beach, Ontario

A Flight Of Fancy

"Better Late Than Never" Program Brings Resident's Hot Air Balloon Wish To Life!

Waterside Retirement Lodge - Wasaga Beach, ON.

It was a very exciting moment at Waterside Retirement Lodge last weekend as Resident, Betty Aldridge had her wish of travelling in a hot air balloon come true! This past Saturday, The Town of Wasaga Beach held a National Parachute Event that featured a tethered hot air balloon. Betty and her daughter, Brenda, with the support of the Lodge, wasted no time in taking to the skies so they could soar among the clouds! We are so privileged to have been part of this amazing experience and to see Betty cross this endeavour off her list. Congratulations Team Waterside and to everyone who brought this dream to life!


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