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3rd Annual Red Carpet Event

Meadow Park London Celebrates The Outstanding Achievements Of Residents

Meadow Park London Long Term Care Home - London, ON

The 3rd Annual Red Carpet Event was recently held at Meadow Park London! Designed as a way of saying Thank You to Residents within the Home, the celebration shines a spotlight on the positive things that take place at Meadow Park on a daily basis. In addition to bringing residents, family members and staff together, the event also features an Awards Ceremony, which includes achievements such as "Overcoming Challenges," "Looking Out For Other Residents," and "Extraordinary Effort." There was also a category that was focused on tasks that Residents had taken on within the Home, including "Best Spiritual Leader," "Lunchtime Helper," and "Best Leader of Resident Rights." Finally, personal achievements, such as "Best Knitter," "Fastest Puzzle Solver," and "Best Bowler," were also recognized. During the program, Residents were overcome with joy, as they were thanked for their outstanding contribution to the culture at Meadow Park London. We would like to once again thank each and every Resident for everything they do. They truly make an outstanding difference in our lives.


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