Roberta Place

(705) 733-3231 - 503 Essa Rd. Barrie, Ontario

30 Good Deeds For A 30th Birthday

Childhood friends Coral and Heidi met in elementary school 19 years ago and continue to keep their friendship alive, despite living in distant cities.  Coral lives in Ottawa and Heidi lives in Barrie. They often phone, text, email and occasionally vacation together.

This year marks their 30th birthdays and Coral decided than in honour of her 30th year she would drive to Barrie to be with her long standing friend. During their time together, they endeavoured to complete "30 ways to do 30 good deeds".

Prior to arriving at Roberta Place they had already stopped at the local Firehouse with coffee and donuts and were treated to a tour of the station, pictures with firefighting gear on and a short ride in a fire truck.  At Roberta Place, they side by side with staff member Kristina and gave several of our happy folks a lovely hand massage and manicure. 

Plans after leaving us were stops at the SPCA to drop off pet food, mitts and gloves to the homeless shelter and gift of Tim’s cards to random folks. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday.  thanks Coral and Heidi, we hope to meet up with you again.

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