Strategic Plan (2023)

These are Our 4 Strategic Pillars!

1. Quality of Life

  • Expand implementation of the Butterfly Approach
  • Continue the move from task-oriented processes to people-oriented work
  • Explore upgrades and modernization that will support a safe, comfortable environment
  • Foster a culture of customer service, personalized to the individual

2. High-Performing Teams

  • Establish clear, consistent onboarding that combines broad and targeted training
  • Profile the options for continuous education, educational support and mentoring for team members.
  • Maximize ability through recruitment to hire the ideal candidates and ensure a full complement of staff.
  • Foster a culture of accountability at every level.

3. Engaged Relationships

  • Implement processes for timely, transparent communication at all levels.
  • Gather ongoing feedback from residents and families.
  • Deliberately cultivate an inclusive culture.
  • Continue building positive relationships with funders and regulators.

4. Business Stewardship

  • Focus on the activities that are core and those that truly add value.
  • Identify and minimize unnecessary process.
  • Design and implement models that optimize physical and human resources.
  • Identify space needs, including accessibility needs, digital needs, and key priorities for modernization.
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