Strategic Plan (2023)


1. Quality of Life

  • Expand implementation of the Butterfly Approach
  • Continue the move from task-oriented processes to people-oriented work
  • Explore upgrades and modernization that will support a safe, comfortable environment
  • Foster a culture of customer service, personalized to the individual

2. High-Performing Teams

  • Establish clear, consistent onboarding that combines broad and targeted training
  • Profile the options for continuous education, educational support and mentoring for team members.
  • Maximize ability through recruitment to hire the ideal candidates and ensure a full complement of staff.
  • Foster a culture of accountability at every level.

3. Engaged Relationships

  • Implement processes for timely, transparent communication at all levels.
  • Gather ongoing feedback from residents and families.
  • Deliberately cultivate an inclusive culture.
  • Continue building positive relationships with funders and regulators.

4. Business Stewardship

  • Focus on the activities that are core and those that truly add value.
  • Identify and minimize unnecessary process.
  • Design and implement models that optimize physical and human resources.
  • Identify space needs, including accessibility needs, digital needs, and key priorities for modernization.


Everything we do is with commitment and passion.

We treat people with respect.

We are proactively innovative, accountable and responsible.

We strive to do the right thing.


To make an outstanding difference in the lives of others.

Inspiring a lifestyle that delivers the BEST today and tomorrow.

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