Our Story

In 1970, Alex and Roberta “Bobbie” Jarlette purchased a Long Term Care Home and moved their young family to Midland, Ontario. The conscientious couple, having always set high standards for themselves, concentrated their efforts on imparting their own values and vision into the Home, which would become the touchstone for commitment and care in the local community. Alex and Bobbie then began a journey that continued for over 30 years, as they cultivated a standard of care that was compassionate and family-oriented in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

This approach, coupled with the family’s unwavering pursuit of excellence, impressed the members of their new community. Their small facility steadily attracted more and more Residents until expansion was inevitable. They have never looked back, yet have never forgotten their vision, and have continued to strive to make an outstanding difference in the lives of others.

Bobbie and Alex's children have grown, with families of their own, and now also work to uphold the model their parents set in caring for the elderly. Together, with almost 2,000 employees, the Jarlette Family implements this attentive and compassionate standard, caring for over 1,600 Residents at their 14 Long-Term Care Homes and 7 Retirement Lodges.

At Jarlette Health Services we continue to proactively strive to make an outstanding difference in the lives of our Residents, their Family Members, Team Members and the communities that surround us.

Our Philosophy

At Jarlette Health Services our Core values are:

We aspire to do everything with commitment and passion;

We treat people with respect;

We are proactively accountable and responsible; and

We always strive to do the right thing.

Our core purpose is to make an outstanding difference in the lives of others.

"It was much more than a business to Bobbie and I, it became something of a family legacy. Two generations of our family all play a critical part in continuing the work that we started in 1970. Our core philosophy of caring has extended throughout our corporate culture all the way to our vendors, partners and employees, and is one of the keys for our continued success."- Alex Jarlette, Founder

The Jarlette Health Services Team

Director of Accounting and Administration
Director of Retirement Communities
Director of Long Term Care Operations
Director of People, Engagement and Culture
Chief Operating Officer
Director of Human Resources
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